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Galaxy S3® Plate Insert

$9.99 each
Change the look of your smartphone with an interchangeable Plate Insert. This insert is to be used with the original Case for Galaxy S3®.
  • Requires black protective piece from our Case for Galaxy S3®
  • Metal plate insert produces high-quality image
  • UV resistant, durable and scratch resistant
Delivered to You in 3 -5 business days after processing
Ship directly to your home
Shipping & Handling Information
Quantity Standard (USPS) 2-Day Overnight
1 plate insert
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Galaxy S3® Custom Photo Plate Insert

Your Galaxy S3® offers seemingly unlimited features, from its sleek design to its talk, text, and camera capabilities. You want to keep your smartphone well protected, helping to eliminate the risk of scratches. While you might already be using a case for your smartphone, perhaps you just grabbed an ordinary case, one that is more functional than fashionable. Now, thanks to Walgreens’ Galaxy S3® Plate Insert, you can give your phone equal protection while personalizing it at the same time.

The insert works with the Walgreens Photo Case for Galaxy S3®. You’ll need the black protective piece from the original case to use with your new personalized one. Once you have that product, you can start to envision what your smartphone will look like with a new case, one that makes a statement while it also protects your phone. You can choose any high-quality photo, which we will print on your plate insert to display on your phone. Whether you want to feature your favorite wedding photo, a family picture from last year’s vacation, or a picture of your smiling kindergartner on her first day of school, you will transform your phone into one that is uniquely yours.

Enjoy the protective benefits of the Galaxy S3® Plate Insert, which is durable enough to help you avoid nicks and scratches. After creating your new protective and fashionable plate insert on, you’ll only have to wait a matter of days for it to arrive at your door.